We know how it is in movies but sometimes in real life, every once in a while, the good guys pull off a rescue that would seem grossly implausible by Hollywood standards.

Source: The Most Insane Rescue Mission That Actually Worked | 


While flying a mission over Holland during World War II, glider pilot George F. Brennan was being towed to his target when German anti-aircraft guns attacked. Brennan was first hit with a bullet in his hand. Next, an AA shell fragmented near the plane, showering him with flak in the chest, leg, arm and ass. A few minutes later, another bullet went the spoof-comedy route and hit the gas line of a jeep strapped down in the back of the plane, igniting a gas fire. The flames spread to the pilots, burning them before other passengers were able to put it out. So, you know, it was a pretty bad flight. And did we mention that all of this happened before the glider was even released from the plane that was towing it?

He was taken prisoner but rescued by dutch resistance, they took him to a hospital. But Nazis showed up. So they made him look like a pregnant woman. And it worked!

The Allied Forces saved him.